Nourishing & Flourishing


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After my big “come to mindfulness moment” back in 2010, I recognized that I needed to take some serious action to extricate myself from the toxic behaviors/habits, people, and activities that were taking up way too much of my precious energy and time (most of which had been a large part of my life for decades). And, although this realization felt painfully scary at the time, I knew that, if I ever wanted to feel any true sense of contentment and wellbeing—it needed to be done.

Letting go of the toxic elements of my life was far from easy—in fact, there were moments where the process felt more painful than keeping them around… But, just like removing a splinter often hurts more than living with it—I knew the temporary pain I was feeling would eventually lead to healing. And, letting go of the pieces of my life that weren’t serving me would, eventually, make space for the things that would help me flourish.

As my mindfulness practice continues to expand, I find myself becoming more and more aware of what feels healthy and unhealthy. I’m far more drawn toward things/people/behaviors that nourish me. And, I’m far less inclined to let the toxic things/people/behaviors stick around for very long. Sure, “splinters” still happen… But I’m much quicker to pluck them now. I’m also much more resilient in recovering from them. 🙂

Like tending a garden, the process of tending to ourselves is ongoing. There will always be weeds that pop up and need to be pulled in order to allow enough space for the plants in our garden to grow. And, although the process might not always be fun, it’s essential if we ever want to flourish.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some flourishing in my life.

Join me?…


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