Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation helps evoke feelings of love, kindness, and friendliness toward others and ourselves. It’s recommended to start by first directing the phrases toward yourself, picturing yourself as you are now, or perhaps as a young child (which some people find easier). Feel free to adjust the phrases in any way that helps you feel more open in your heart, and repeat the phrases several times.

May I/you be happy and peaceful.

May I/you be healthy and strong.

May I/you be safe from all danger.

May I/you have ease and well-being in my/your life.

When you’re ready to move on, picture someone you love or care for deeply and repeat the phrases with her/him in mind (if a person doesn’t come to mind, feel free to choose a beloved pet).

As you progress with this meditation, consider including the more difficult people in your life. This might feel strained and/or mechanical at first. But, with practice, you might find your heart opening to even the most challenging people!

For a free, guided ten-minute Loving Kindness meditation with Trudy Goodman from InsightLA, click here.