About Jennifer


My name is Jennifer.

Some people call me HOWD.

I’m an Author,
a Developmental Editor,
and a UCLA-Certified Mindfulness Facilitator.

I have a dedication to both mindfulness
creative expression.

I see your potential
(even when you can’t).

I believe in you
(even when you don’t).

I’m insatiably curious.

I like to ask questions—especially the big ones.

I love to writeActDrawMake musicMeditateCollaborate. Eat dark chocolate.

Sunshine makes me happy.
So does my family.

I’m both a cat person.
And a dog person.

Hot pink is my favorite color.

I spend a lot of time contemplating
unquestioned answers.

And I believe personal Truth trumps all else.


(for more information about Jennifer, visit www.jenniferhowd.com)

(photo of Jennifer by Erin Sacco)